Susan Miller's gifts by Zodiac Sign
What do you get your Gemini best friend? Your Scorpio mother-in-law or Libra coworker? Susan Miller, astrologer and Astrology Zone founder, selects the perfect present based on sign.
The Aries woman has ideas, and she puts them
into action. Her lucky color is red, a symbol
of strength, courage, drive and enthusiasm —
qualities Aries has in abundance. The entrepreneur
of the zodiac, she is always on the go and needs
something for both work and play.
Taurus sees beauty everywhere and takes
the time to celebrate it. She loves cotton, cashmere,
velvet and more, and favors neutral colors.
She wants quality and the ability to mix
and match anything with her lucky color pink —
between seasons and years to come.
Gemini particularly likes to chase the sun —
it’s one of the two zodiac signs that loves
to travel. She’s in perpetual motion and likes
to travel light. She will love anything that gets
her stylishly through a TSA pre-check.
Cancer has a strong creative side and loves fashion —
especially looks she can wear throughout the year.
Her sensitive and kind nature makes anything soft,
warm and fuzzy ideal — whether she’s playing
with her children or hiking through Vermont.
Leo loves luxury and would rather have
a handful of beautifully cut pieces than
a closetful of lesser threads. She loves
precious stones and gems, and her
fascination with gold harks back
to the link between Leo and royalty.
Intelligent, discerning and practical,
Virgo has an eye for detail, fit, quality and comfort.
An earth sign, Virgo prefers neutral colors —
she doesn’t need her outfits to shout her arrival.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty
and grace, and seeks harmony and balance
in all things. She is the arbiter of taste —
from the newest restaurant to the right mix
of jewelry. Speaking of jewelry,
Libra loves sparkles — especially on her shoes.
The Scorpio woman is sophisticated, confident
and poised, not to mention a tad mysterious.
She doesn’t seek the spotlight,
so black dresses, bags and accessories
with a bit of shine are just the thing.
For the Sagittarius woman, international travel
is a lifestyle choice. To celebrate, she might head
to the Swiss Alps, where her natural strength,
agility and speed are perfect for skiing.
Sagittarius will appreciate anything with
a beautiful cut and an element of utilitarian.
Capricorn’s style is classic and understated.
She loves elegant separates and neutral colors in natural
fabrics. The Capricorn woman does not want fussy
pieces that distract from her busy professional life,
so gold embellished shoes would fit the bill.
The Aquarius woman is one of a kind
and focused on the future — what she does
or wears is ahead of the curve. She’s ruled
by Uranus, planet of the unexpected and creative,
so follow her “think different” mantra
and choose the new trend: stars and shine.
Imaginative and creative, Pisces sees beauty in places
others might not look. She doesn’t have one source
of inspiration but many. When thinking of things
to surprise Pisces, give her what she wants: ruffles
and bows. Shades of pink resonate with this romantic,
so a ladylike blouse will delight as well.