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Rio de Janeiro


Rua Cosmo Vehle, 13
Cosme Velho
22241-090 Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil
+55 21 2558-1329

Take a tram to the top of this famous mountain to see Christ the Redeemer — a 100-foot-tall, 1,000-ton statue that watches over Rio. The view from 2,300 feet is incomparable. Make sure to arrive first thing to avoid traffic and long lines.

Photo from Tory Burch


Botanical Gardens

Rua Jardim Botânico, 1008
Jardim Botânico
22460-000 Rio de Janeiro – RJ Brazil
+55 21 3874-1808

Spend a peaceful afternoon strolling through lush greenery, admiring birds in teetering-tall trees and exploring hidden greenhouses. Afterward, stop by Mil Frutas for a scoop of ice cream.

Photo courtesy of Nara Vascancellos/Jardin Botânico Rio de Janeiro


Tijuca Park

Estrada da Cascatinha, 850
Alto da Boa Vista
20531-590 Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil
+55 21 2492-2252

A mountainous rainforest right in the middle of Rio. For outdoorsy travelers, there are great (albeit steep) hikes to waterfalls and summits, like Pedra Bonita. As you catch your breath, you’ll see hand gliders taking off for the beach below.

Photo from Tory Burch